Treatment of Galvanic blackhead

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Treatment of Galvanic blackhead

Treatment of Galvanic blackhead

For over 50 years, galvanic direct and steady electric currents have been utilized for professional facials and skin treatments. Other skin ailments and impurities like blackheads are removed by galvanic. If you have uneven skin, galvanic has the ability to enhance skin rejuvenation. When using facials, a gel skin treatment can be applied first and then use a galvanic current for deep penetration of the skin and remove the impurities.

Function I

There are low electrical currents emitted by galvanic instruments; the cathode and the anode. Water soluble skin treatment penetrates the skin through the positive and the negative currents. The pretreatment gel and the galvanic instruments are negatively charged at first.  You should apply the pretreatment gel first then you put the galvanic instrument later. The gel will get driven through the skin and get bound to impurities such as sebum which causes blackheads due to the negative charges repelling each other.

Function II

Both the galvanic instrument and treatment gel treatment gel will be positively charged after the pretreatment gel penetrates through the skin. Ingredients will be driven into the skin when the instrument and the positively charged gel. Attraction from the instrument was based on other impurities that were brought to the surface of the skin surface by the blackheads that are negatively charged and the pretreatment gel..


For blackhead removal, galvanic procedures are the best as they deteriorates skin oiliness and any congested skin is cleared by the breaking down of fatty plugs inside the skin. Blood circulation is immensely improved by galvanic treatment for the health of your skin. Signs of aging will be a thing of the past as it helps in removing it. Your skin will become smoother and there will be reduction of the fine lines, wrinkles and sagging of skin as there will be intense skin treatment absorption. The recommended time suggested to treat your skin from impurities is once a month hence making your skin to look fresh.


In 1791 Luigi Galvani started his first experiment which caused twitching of a lab frog.  The results from the experiment helped scientists to use galvanic current for lie detectors, controlling balance that are in flight simulations and measuring biofeedback.


  • No known bad side effects have been encountered by galvanic treatment and it is noninvasive. For over 200 years galvanic current has been used in various treatments and procedures and its safety is documented and approved. Before starting any galvanic treatment, it is crucial that you do a massive research on the procedure. You should consult a doctor before using galvanic treatment if you are pregnant or have circulatory disorders or diabetes.


You will find galvanic treatments mainly on spa menus. On the market, you will find various galvanic skin treatments which remove other skin impurities and blackheads and clean and rebuild your skin.

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